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Can I Discharge Tax Debts Owed to the Internal Revenue Service in My Bankruptcy?

A recent Chapter 7 case allowed my client to discharge more than $17,000 in taxes owed to the Internal Revenue Service.  While the normal rule is that tax debts are among the “exceptions” to bankruptcy discharge found in the bankruptcy code (11 U.S.C. 523), tax debts can discharged assuming certain rules are met.  The application […]

Case Analysis: Bankruptcy Dismissed for Failure to File Credit Counseling Certificate

Both before and after filing their bankruptcy petitions, consumers are required to participate in counseling sessions, with very, very limited exceptions. This recent case from the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal shows two important concepts :1) how a consumer trying to file their own “simple” Chapter 7 Bankruptcy winds up […]

What Should My Credit Report Look Like After My Bankruptcy Discharge?

After you have filed your bankruptcy petition with the Court, the ultimate goal is to get a discharge order from the Court. This is a court order which specifies that all debts which are subject to a discharge have been eliminated – your obligation to pay them has been legally terminated. A bankruptcy discharge order […]