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Law Office Closing

As of June, 2018, I am a full time employee of J.P. Amourgis & Associates.  My new phone number is 330-535-6650.  You can find full contact information here.  I look forward to serving all your consumer bankruptcy needs with the enhanced resources of on of Ohio’s largest consumer bankruptcy firms.

Supreme Court to Decide if “lien strips” are Valid in Chapter 7 Cases

It is about time the honest but unfortunate homeowner gets a break in Washington, D.C.

How do I know If I am being sued in the wrong Court?

When a consumer collections lawsuit is filed by a junk debt buyer, there are two proper courts where the lawsuit can be filed – either 1) a court where the consumer signed the original note which the lawsuit was based upon, or 2) a court where the consumer resides at the time lawsuit was filed. […]